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have you ever experienced, being in another country, walking around the city and you want to look up where to eat next?
Use this awesome app that gives you great recommendations, or post that moment to your favorite social network?

So in the next moment, you are searching for a wifi sign, Starbucks or McDonalds?

What would you pay, to always have a great internet connection to your gadgets on trips?

I believe, it is not enough nowadays to have maybe an slow (and extremely expensive) internet connection for your laptop when you are back in the hotel. The digital native has his smartphone, the apps he loves, his tablet. All these devices have a wifi.

So what to do about this?

There are already a bunch of devices that solve the technical part. called Mi-Fi, they have a tiny wifi router, and a 3G modem in one tiny device. Perfect. But they are only marketed mostly for locals. so that you have access to the Internet, when most of your devices anyway have a 3G connection.

Here is the Idea:

Get some 2-4$ per day subscriptions from local Telcos, put them in the Mi-Fi’s and rent them out to the digital addicted’s away from home.

So, now, if you say, “but there are companies doing exactly that”.
I answer: They do it wrong. With prices per day from 8 Bucks upwards, this is much too expensive. And also there you have to order the devices before your trip. And when i am at home with my backbone connection, digging through Hi-Res pictures of the hottest sightseeing spots of my next trip, i totally do not experience the problem they are solving. Best time to sell your stuff is when your customers are in big pain.

So think about, if you put these devices in a nice machine, in the baggage-claim area of the Airport, that charges you 8 Bucks per hour for accessing the web. They just need to put in their credit card, and off they go. Paying for every day, until returned to the same Machine. Easy as that. Want to keep the device for home? No problem. We charge your card for that.

That’s having a solution when the problem comes, as easy as possible, with perfect usability in mind.


Some more hints on that:

Customer tests:
Discussed with some conference goers that would love to have that.
There are telcos having 2 bucks per day sim cards for you. start with them.
Yeah, these devices need also charging. As all smartphones work nowadays with an USB charger, most of them with a micro-usb, just give the selection to get the cable with the device.
Early Resellers:
Space on the airport is expensive. Maybe you start with conference organizers as a service the visitors can rent. Or with hotels and Tourist organizations. Like when they are picked up from the airport “here is your internet. works in the whole country”.



I have much too much ideas to do them all, so occasionally i post them here for everybody to pick up. If you want me as a mentor, just drop me a line.
I do not want shares or anything from it, but i would love to get invited to the launch party or some love from your website.

Thanks to andi for the feedback on this.
And thanks to florian for the cool picture.

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